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The Truth.

“We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.” The Talmud Record of Rabbinic Discussions Pertaining to Jewish Law, Ethics, Customs and History.

We tend to believe that the way we perceive the world is the “right” way or the “only” way and that the way we see things is the way everyone else sees them or at least should see them. We believe that our truth is THE TRUTH. Unfortunately, this thought process is inaccurate even for the most rationally-minded folks out there.

The great part about us not seeing things as they are, but as we are, is that whenever we are plagued by negativity we can then choose to respond to the reality that we are seeing things from one perspective and one perspective only. Our perspective is one that has been built over the years from our own histories and experiences. This multi-perspective view offers us a challenge to either accept our perspective (which may be negative) for another, more positive choice!

Imagine what could happen if we could change our negative perceptions and thoughts for the better, even if it is a direct conflict with who we are and how we see things?

We have the power to change how we view things and how we respond in an instant! Isn’t that wonderful news? When we are down and out, we have the choice to change our mood and our reactions to the issues, IN AN INSTANT! I don’t know about you, but this gives me great hope in our future as individuals, family, and world members.

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