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"Rev. KC helped me to create a new life! 
She helped me develop my leadership skills,
and encouraged me to build the toolkit I needed to succeed in my career!"  - J.T.

“When I think about my experiences with Rev. Kymberely Clemons-Jones the phrase that comes to mind is “the best.” She is “the best” because she truly cares. She is “the best” because when I came to her needing guidance and nurturing for my journey she provided more than I could have ever asked or imagined. She is “the best” because she trusted me to take risks, to stretch and to grow all under her watchful eye. She is “the best” because she used her God given gifts of discernment, knowledge and wisdom to help me trust myself and to keep following the path God has set in place for me. Rev. Jones is simply “the best” and I am grateful for her dedication and unwavering support that keeps me believing that I can do everything God has ordained for me to do.”                                                     Min. Doreen Forde

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