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Rev. Dr. Kymberley Clemons-Jones, affectionately called Rev. KC, is a multifaceted individual whose journey has been marked by a profound commitment to spiritual guidance and transformative growth. Holding both Master's degrees in Counseling and Divinity, as well as a Doctorate in Ministry with a concentration in Prophetic Activism and Womanism, her path has been one of deep exploration and service.

A Connecticut native, Dr. KC's journey has seen her emerge as a preacher, author, coach, and Soul Care Specialist. Her calling extends beyond conventional boundaries, encompassing roles as a ministry consultant and an advocate for those striving to reach their fullest potential. Guided by her alignment with Spirit and a commitment to authenticity, she is certified in Emotional Freedom Techniques and a Reiki 1 and 2 practitioner, integrating holistic approaches into her transformative work.

Her impact reverberates through her notable roles. She spent an impactful 14 years pastoring at Valley Stream Presbyterian Church, where her

leadership and guidance left an indelible mark. In 2019, she assumed the role of Moderator of the Presbytery of Long Island, further testament to her influence within the community.

Her passion for holistic well-being and empowerment finds expression in her role as a Soul Care coach for the Restored Life Group. Rev. KC's visionary spirit led her to establish the Community Healing and Caring Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing growth and healing. At its core is the W.A.N.T.E.D. Project, a youth mentoring program that imparts invaluable life lessons to boys and girls of color, fostering a sense of worthiness, accountability, naming, thankfulness, empowerment, and determination. This program's reach even extends to the Senior Correctional Facility for juveniles in Ghana, West Africa.

An accomplished author, Rev. KC's literary contributions include "Cured But Not Healed: How to Experience Deeper Faith on Your Journey with God" and "The Flourishing of Her Soul: A Journey Through Grief, Identity, and Divinity." Her impactful voice resonates through these works, offering guidance and insight to those navigating their spiritual paths.

Rev. KC's influence transcends borders. Her commitment to sharing her wisdom has taken her across the globe, from Vietnam and Cambodia to South Sudan and Ghana, where she has spoken, coached, and counseled. Her teachings have found a home in esteemed institutions like Union Theological Seminary, Trinity Theological Seminary, and the Ghanaian Coaching Institute.

Outside of her impactful work, Rev. KC finds joy in the company of her husband, three children, and two grandsons. Her love for yoga, nature, and leisurely walks in the park speaks to her appreciation for life's simple yet profound pleasures.

In the tapestry of Rev. Dr. Kymberley Clemons-Jones' life, threads of spirituality, service, empowerment, and connection are tightly woven. Her journey embodies unwavering dedication to helping others unlock their true potential, align with their authentic selves, and find solace in the embrace of Spirit.

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